Commuting in Niagara Canada

Residents explain what it is like commuting in Niagara.

Reaching anywhere in the city within an average time of fifteen minutes may sound far fetched, but it’s a reality in Niagara Canada. Niagara has the least traffic congestion of any large city in Canada.

Say goodbye to traffic jams and enjoy a stress-free daily commute. You can get around in Niagara easily whether you choose to drive, ride along the 200 scenic cycling routes or prefer using public transit.

The average person living and working in Niagara Canada, has an extra 400 hours per year to do what ever they want, compared to those stuck in traffic on their daily commute in the GTA.

Niagara Region Transit is the main regional bus service that connects some of Niagara’s largest communities. There is also regular bus service available in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland and Fort Erie.

Anaadi, being a student, benefits from the punctuality of public transport as he plans out his day according to the bus schedule.

You too can avoid the congestion and smoothly cruise along the charming roads of Niagara Canada.

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