Carolyn’s Story – Niagara College

Growing up in Pelham, Ontario, Carolyn knows what it’s like to be minutes away from fresh fruit, pristine beaches and top-notch wineries. But its access to world class education right in Niagara region that has her proud to raise her family here.

Carolyn’s eldest daughter is set to become a 3rd generation Brock student and knowing she will get an education in a clean, safe environment that prides itself on community puts a smile on Carolyn’s face. She herself is a graduate of both Brock University and Niagara College, which set her up for a successful career as a communications specialist. Best of all, it’s a career that has allowed her to stay in the region she loves so much.

Niagara College, where she currently works, offers some of the country’s most innovative and exciting programs in culinary arts, wine/beer making and cannabis cultivation. These programs are attracting hundreds of the most elite post-graduate students in North America and what’s most exciting is that many of them will find careers in their professions right here in the Niagara region.

These innovative programs can only fuel the growth of an already booming agricultural industry here in Niagara.

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