Moving to Niagara Canada

Residents explain what it is like living in Niagara.

When you move to Niagara, you choose safety, a clean environment, a supportive community, nature’s wonders, suburban tranquillity, exciting nightlife, numerous amenities, world-class education, global cuisines, and a place you can call home.

The region is comprised of 12 municipalities that each have a unique identity and fantastic quality of life for its residents. There is tonnes to do in Niagara and many residents find that it is impossible to do it all.

Finding a home in Niagara can be a reality because home prices are extremely competitive when compared against neighbouring regions. The average price of a home in Niagara Canada is under $400,000.

Those who live here often comment that one of the best features of Niagara is its convenient location. Residents can often reach GTA or Buffalo (USA) within a one hour drive.

More and more people are making Niagara their home and you should too!

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