In your first days, you should contact a settlement agency to learn about the first things you should do. They will help you find available services and ways to connect with the community.

You can make an appointment with these agencies to have a free settlement needs assessment, where you and your settlement worker can identify what services and information will help you.

Settlement agencies are your first connection for support in Niagara Canada. Settlement agencies can help you to:

Get Started

  • Find a place to live
  • Start your job search
  • Open a bank account
  • Register your child for school or find child care
  • Find a family doctor
  • Fill out forms and apply for a social insurance number, Ontario Driver’s Licence, and health card
  • Take an English language course

Get Information and Find Services

  • Access translation for limited documents related to employment, health, education and legal matters
  • Connect to an interpreter
  • Communicate with employers, landlords, social and government services, legal services and more
  • Get information on your rights and familiarize yourself with Canadian laws
  • Provide support and link you with specialized services to help with personal problems or critical situations

Learn About Your Community