Mario’s Story – Making connections in Niagara

Mario’s family immigrated to the Niagara region from Italy in the 1970s. They started a hospitality business that continues to thrive some four decades later and Mario has a good theory why.

“Niagara is a perfect sized pond with each township being a lily pad. It’s a lot easier for entrepreneurs to jump around, make connections and get things done in this pond versus the ocean of a huge megacity.”

Mario is not only involved in the family business, but is also the CEO of the Niagara Workforce Planning Board and an instructor at Niagara College. At one point he lived in Toronto for several years but decided to move back to Niagara because in the city he had to scream to be heard above the noise. In Niagara he just needs to talk.

The ability to make solid connections with people is one of most important aspects of building a successful business. If you have something to say, Niagara is a place where you will find people who will listen.

Perhaps it’s time to consider the Niagara region.

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