Anaadi’s Story – Making connections in Niagara

When Anaadi decided to leave India to pursue his MBA, the world was his oyster with hundreds of world-class business schools to choose from. After months of careful research, Anaadi finally decided on the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. The thing that stood out to him about Brock was their AACSB recognition and Brock’s Business Analytics specialization program, which is one of the best.

The biggest takeaway Anaadi has had from Brock so far is the deep network of connections he has made there, both professionally and personally.

Coming to a new country on his own, Anaadi knew he needed to put himself out there if he was going to adapt and acclimatize. As soon as he started his first semester at Brock, Anaadi joined pretty much every club he could find. These included the Marketing Club, the Goodman Business Council, the Biolinc Innovation Centre, Brock Leaders and Brock Focus.

Through these clubs, Anaadi has had the opportunity to develop himself professionally but also make long-lasting friendships in the community. As an entrepreneur, Anaadi also sees these clubs as an opportunity to do market research. “When you’re integrated into a community”, he says, “you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what those people need and want. That has really given me insight into how I can succeed as a business owner here.”

Through his co-op, Anaadi has also found a strong mentor in his boss. He is now inspired to stay in the Niagara region and start his own business.

Brock University has more than 120 undergraduate and graduate programs across seven academic faculties. It is also home to dozens of clubs, counsels, incubators and mentorship programs to help students make valuable personal and professional connections.

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