Andrew’s Story – Immigrating to Niagara

Back in his hometown of Hull, England Andrew was struggling to find a satisfying work life balance. His job took him away from his family for weeks at a time and after one too many nights in a hotel room away from them, Andrew decided it was time for a change. He and his wife figured that if they were going to make a change, it might as well be a big one.

Andrew’s skill set as a manager of public health allowed him to work anywhere in the world. Although they toured a lot of great places, nothing felt like home. Then they visited some family in the Niagara region. This was meant to be a vacation, but Andrew and his wife soon found themselves checking out local groceries stores and businesses, and even browsing real estate. That ‘vacation’ still hasn’t ended.

Here, Andrew and his family found the precious work/life balance they were in search of. One of their favourite things to do on weekends is explore one of Niagara’s 27 beaches that include beaches on two great lakes.

In additional to beautiful beaches, there’s also low traffic congestion, quality schools, 40+ golf courses or 96 wineries might do the trick. And if that doesn’t sell you, the average home price is only $388,500.

Discover what Niagara has for you today.

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