Niagara’s unique geography creates a microclimate that yields some of the best weather in Canada. The air is clean and the sun can shine brightly in all four distinct seasons.

March to June is spring, when temperatures range from 5C to 20C (41F to 68F) and people wear light jackets or no jacket at all. Plants and trees blossom in our many green spaces. In summer, from June to September, temperatures range from 15C to over 30C (59F to 86F) and high humidity is common. People wear light clothing when the temperatures soar.

In the fall, September to December, many trees lose their leaves and fall colours are at their best. Temperatures are a low of 0C to a high of 15C, or 32F to 59F, calling for light or medium jackets and long pants. December through March, the area experiences regular snowfalls with heavy snowfall possible during wintertime. Temperatures can be as low as -20C up to 0C (-4F to 32F).